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Feb 23, 2017

Less construction, but just as many worker deaths under the Coalition

Weighted for actual activity, construction sector deaths increased under the anti-red tape Abbott and Turnbull governments, writes economics reporter Alan Austin.


How many extra deaths have there been since former prime minister Tony Abbott promised to boost construction activity in Australia by cutting regulations? The answer appears to be around six each year for the last three years.



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3 thoughts on “Less construction, but just as many worker deaths under the Coalition 

  1. Dan Telet

    Workplace safety and health systems are primarily to protect management from personal liability. The more complex are the systems the greater the protection of management and the less the systems can be used by the workforce.

    1. mike westerman

      What has that got to do with the article, which outlines the mendacious and callous indifference of the LNP to worker safety?

  2. bushby jane

    Big businesses don’t seem to be punished very much either, look to Grocon in Melbourne after a brick wall killed pedestrians, receiving a paltry fine.