Media writer Amanda Meade moved from the Oz to The Guardian a while ago. Apparently, she didn’t leave all the Oz‘s hypocritical conservative attitudes back at Surrey Hills.

In today’s coverage of the interminable Tim Worner-Amber Harrison saga, Meade has this:

“According to emails produced by Seven sent by Harrison after the affair with Worner was over, Harrison said she would unleash a ‘reign of terror’ aimed at ‘finishing’ Worner, a married man with four children.”

That last bit would appear to be Meade editorialising about the gravity of the offence. Presumably, similar, alleged, threats to a single man and/or childless man would be less serious. That sounds very much like the old attitude that the welfare of the cheating married man is more important than that of the other woman in an affair. Is that Meade being sympathetic to the implicit attitude of Seven?

Par for the course in the Oz; strange to see in the Grauniad. Perhaps they could run a haha masterclass for Meade on the patriarchy? — Guy Rundle

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