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Feb 17, 2017

Rundle: Trump’s most infamous presser … so far

In short, it was a train wreck.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


You have to hand it to Donald Trump as a political innovator. Thursday, he gave a 77-minute press conference that people are still reviewing as if it were Altamont, where the Rolling Stones played Sympathy For The Devil while the Hells Angels beat a man to death with pool cues.

The President said his administration was a "fine-tuned" machine; declared that it had achieved more in its first month than any other presidency; announced that he would be holding a "campaign rally" in Florida; said that he had won the electoral college by 306 votes, the greatest victory since Ronald Reagan (it was 304, and it isn't); declared that prescription meds were becoming "as cheap as candy bars"; attacked the intelligence agencies for leaking information on now-resigned national security adviser Mike Flynn, which he said was real information, damaging to be out in public, and then called the stories about the information "fake news". He railed against the press as he always does, and then did what Politico reporter Josh Dawsey called a "lightning round" in which he responded to a series of questions about foreign policy issues, such as North Korean missile testing, with the phrase "not good". Taking a question from an African-American journalist, he asked her if she knew the Congressional Black Caucus, and said he could "set up a meeting" for him, between them and himself.

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10 thoughts on “Rundle: Trump’s most infamous presser … so far

  1. 19DigitsofPi

    Fake Old News! – Meredith Hunter was attacked during Under My Thumb, the seventh song in the Rolling Stones Altmount set list. Sympathy for the Devil had already been played at number three.

  2. Daniel Sharp

    Good piece….thanks for that

  3. Dan Telet

    The US may be trending towards the same outcome as the USSR – breaking into regional nations.

  4. zut alors

    Trump asserted his administration is a “fine-tuned” machine. Agreed, but only if the tune is ‘Most People I Know Think That I’m Crazy’ (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs’ classic).

    Following the surreal election day on 8th November I have been confident (and comforted) that the CIA or FBI would redress the ensuing Trump disaster, sooner or later. It appears sooner is more likely. And it will be ugly.

  5. John Conroy

    Say what you will about Trump, but his determination to check the intelligence agencies should be welcomed, surely.

  6. Iskandar

    Trump is obviously under relentless bombardment from the “Deep State” AKA “The Swamp” which invested heavily in Killary Klingon’s victory. But by some miracle American democracy actually worked this time and Trump, for all his imperfections, was elected. The Deep State (Military-Industrial Complex, Intelligence Services, Pentagon, tightly controlled main-stream media) has in truth run the US since the death of FDR, and all American presidents since 1945 have been its sock-puppets. JFK was possibly an exception. After being beaten about the head by the Cuban Missile Crisis his vision of international relations cleared, and he began to become more conciliatory. We all know how he ended up.

    I agree with Guy that the USA is either already in or approaching a constitutional or major social-political crisis. The Soviet Union was 74 years old when it imploded. The post-FDR American Deep State is now 72. Perhaps polities, like people, grow old and degraded, and need to be demolished to be renewed. Perhaps Trump is the wrecking ball who will do it. We live in interesting times.

  7. loz

    Man, Guy I like it but I will say my friends in WV think this guy is like Fred Flintstone and his deputy is Barney Rubble. Even though they as coal workers felt disenfranchised by the previous government they certainly know a crank when they see him raising his flags.

  8. AR

    The race is on, between impeachment and an, as yet to be decided, health crisis.
    Of course, Nature could do the job with a stroke or heart attack.
    Stock up on pop corn, this will be interesting.
    Fun, not so much.

  9. Joe Fitzpatrick

    The police are part of the executive. They don’t write the law or determine cases.

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