Right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos toured Australia with Penthouse Events in 2017

In news that is bound to be celebrated by some deluded liberals as a great moral victory, the publication of a right-wing book has been delayed. Yesterday, it was announced that the memoir of Milo Yiannopoulos was to have its release date shifted from March to June. This delay is due to liberal criticism of the work, for which the Breitbart “editor” (not a term that should be applied to any person who basically defecates straight into a content management system) was paid a US$250,000 advance, but not in the way that we’d hope. Milo is not taking a little extra time to tone down his “thoughts” (not a term that should be applied to any expression that basically defecates all over the best Western philosophical traditions), but to deride the liberal protest of them.

Yiannopoulos may not have great skill as a writer or thinker, but his talent for promotion is Barnum-level. In electing to defer publication, he gives himself time to truly transition from shit-posting nobody to legitimate star, a rise itself facilitated by liberal protest.