Feb 16, 2017

Marriage equality report sets up another divided Liberal party room

A moderate Liberal could use the marriage equality report to push the case again -- but the Nationals and conservative Liberals are still lurking.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Many of the issues likely to get conservative MPs in the Coalition offside about any push for a free vote on marriage equality were not addressed by a landmark Parliament report on the government's draft same-sex marriage bill.

The committee recommended unanimously that should the bill be introduced at some later point, exemptions must be kept in place for religious ministers and religious businesses and organisations to refuse to offer services to weddings of any kind -- not just same-sex weddings -- if they were against their beliefs.

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4 thoughts on “Marriage equality report sets up another divided Liberal party room

  1. CML

    Why don’t this motley crew in government at the moment, just get over themselves?
    Anyone with more than half a brain between their ears has already done so, on this issue!!

  2. Xoanon

    I get annoyed by the media doing the right-wingers’ dirty work for them, by implying they’d cause chaos if Turnbull chose to advance this issue. Would they really bring down the government over a social issue such as this? Ridiculous idea. Bring it on.

    1. AR

      That applies to so many issues on which Taclum is passing the soap & holding his ankles – he could tell the entire pack take a flying leap and do what he knows to be right.
      Wadda they gonna do, depose him and fight the inevitable by-election when they hold office by a single seat?
      That would require courage, principle and integrity which is sadly lacking on all sides.

  3. AR

    Why not simply remove the change in wording of the Marriage Act introduced by the Rodent which was passed in two days by both Chambers?
    The impetus to do so was the High Court decision that there was no bar to gender blind marriage.

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