Feb 16, 2017

Liberal senators push for Minerals Council wishlist, doubtless completely coincidentally

Coalition concerns over political activity by environmental groups mirrors the concerns of the coal lobby.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


The Coalition appears set to demand environmental groups be treated like political parties when it comes to transparency over donations.

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters held a hearing on the issue of foreign donations on Wednesday, ahead of its report due back to government early next month. The report is expected to recommend that donations to political parties and associated entities or third parties from non-Australian citizens and businesses based outside Australia be banned.

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9 thoughts on “Liberal senators push for Minerals Council wishlist, doubtless completely coincidentally

  1. leon knight

    Get Up is a grass roots organisation that does a great job and it should be completely free of political parties and their disclosure rules. Good luck to them and stuff the LNP/MCA alliance.

  2. old greybearded one

    What bullshit. Do In hear cries for the IPA to disclose its funding? Where are these useless bastards in the ALP? In to them for gawd’s sake. How do they let Turncoat get away with sycophant without a hostile riposte. How dare you call me sycophant while you grovel before the coal lobby and the MCA.

    1. klewso

      Or the ACL?

      “Your Limited News Party At Work – Delivering On Your Paid Bidding” – what good are donations if you can’t get what you pay for?

  3. Lord Muck

    Why dance to the tune of the miners? With the very limited amount of mine rehabilitation that has occurred in every State, surely these people have exhausted their social capital. Also mine rehabilitation equals local employment.

    1. Brigid Marasco

      Problem is, mining companies maintain LNP servitude not by being good corporate citizens and paying their fair share of tax, not by being good environmental citizens and cleaning up after themselves, not by being creators of large numbers of secure jobs. No, Minerals Council members maintain the LNP’s servitude by providing political donations. If the general public knew the true details of the arrangements, of the mining sector’s true impact on jobs/environment/revenue, we’d still have a mining tax right now (the original version, the one that actually collected fair revenue from the start). We need to move towards publicly funded politics so that the influence of vested interests via funding of political parties can be minimised. Politicians must be made accountable to the public, to the common good, the common wealth, NOT to their donors. Unfortunately, this reform does not appear to be on the radar in any real way. Declaring all donations to political parties within 14 days of receipt via an online AEC registry (with hefty fines for late declarations and party deregistration and MP sacking for persistent flouting of the reporting rules) that can be inspected at will by anyone will go some way to rectifying this anti-democratic cancer in our political system. But that’s just me 😉

      1. Goran Ocic

        and me. sounds like a plan.
        how do we make it happen is the question?

      2. Charlie Chaplin

        Not just the LNP: Adani-Carmichael coal mine ( with a TRAIN!!!) ring any bells?

  4. AR

    As OGO sez – goose & gander, let’s see who’s behind those “think” tanks/

  5. Charlie Chaplin

    I wonder how long it will be before we follow Dakota USA and make it legal to run over environmental protestors- by accident, of course. Just a slip of the foot from brake to accelerator. The sun in your eyes, causing you to pull the steering wheel the wrong way.

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