Senator Chris Back has made a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters review of last year’s election, questioning whether it is a good idea for people to hand out how-to-vote cards after he was abused by a constituent on election day:

“I am sure the only reason I was not physically assaulted by one irate voter was because of the protection afforded to me by people supporting all parties who were attending the booth. His anger seemed to be directed at the fact he was forced to vote, not necessarily the Party I was representing.”

“We were all the subject of verbal abuse at various times throughout the day.”

He also questioned how-to-vote cards make a difference:

“I question the extent to which a voter is influenced by the presence of people simply standing there handing out ‘how to vote’ cards when determining their decision.”

Perhaps Liberal volunteers will opt out of manning polling booths next time round if it’s thought they don’t make a difference?