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Feb 7, 2017

Knowing your Cory from your Angry: a guide to Australia’s far right

If you can't make sense of an increasingly crowded field of far-right politicians, we're here to help with a guide to who's who in the reactionary zoo.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

Confused about the proliferation of far-right political parties? Unable to tell your Australian Conservatives from your Australian Conservative Party? Where does Angry Anderson fit in, along with all the other angry white men? Allow us to help you with a spotter’s guide to the far-right c.2017.

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14 thoughts on “Knowing your Cory from your Angry: a guide to Australia’s far right

  1. Mr Denmore

    The big question is when do we see a similar balkanisation of the Left given the ALP is arguably as anachronistic as theLibs?

    1. AR

      Sir!, Sir!.. may I try to answer that (rhetorical) question?
      Last week/month/year!

    2. michael l

      You haven’t noticed the Greens and the myriad of unsuccessful Socialist Alliances, Alternatives and Parties?

  2. Bob the builder

    Crikey, did you get the byline right on this article?

    It seems like one of the ineffably tedious “satire” articles by your resident master of humour Ben Poppycock.

    This one perfectly illustrates Rundle’s hypothesis of a new right grouping with progressive social values and right-wing economic values.

    The insistent equation of social justice economic policies as being linked with far-right obsessions is obviously the most egregious … Bad satire and a waste of space!

    1. Nudiefish

      I don’t see what your beef is, mate. Keane’s piece, if anything, toned down the actual lunacy by several notches. You want to see bad satire at the moment, try reading News Limited.

  3. klewso


  4. Sammy

    This doesn’t sound like Keane

    1. AR

      It looks like sweepings from the editorial (HA!) cutting room floor but “Rural Idyll Right — they fetishise low-productivity, low-efficiency family farming, pointless regional infrastructure and other agrarian socialist fantasies like marketing boards” is purest BK.

  5. Daniel Sharp

    This was a bit of fun…to speak a little seriously, the problem or solution, depending on one’s viewpoint, is that One Nation, at least, is not as bad as above….Not to say that the above is untrue in any way really….They seem to be pretty good at doing their business now. Much better than the past, which as above, is probably a much bigger problem (or solution)

  6. AR

    BK – small nugget from the erstwhile Hawke Minister for Trees vote, “never believe someone unless they look you in the eye and say that they are not going to vote for you.” – you are assuming that ACP’s Peter Wallace voted for himself.
    That’s the joy of the secret ballot.
    PS. I’ll always remember the SFF as the Shitters & Fisters Party – all that phallus substitute worship by boofy, hairy blokes.

  7. Tesenka Mai

    Left wing economic policies everywhere but if they display any wiff of racism throw them to the right?

  8. William Marshall

    Any chance disseminating the far left?

  9. Northy

    Hysterical, thank you.