Confused about the proliferation of far-right political parties? Unable to tell your Australian Conservatives from your Australian Conservative Party? Where does Angry Anderson fit in, along with all the other angry white men? Allow us to help you with a spotter’s guide to the far-right c.2017.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

The Nostalgia Right. Professional celebrity/candidate and opportunist Hanson has always been about nostalgia: a longing for an Australia insulated from the world, where immigrants from such exotic places as Italy and Greece were barely tolerated, indigenous Australians were treated as fauna and anyone from a non-European background was told to leave. In her current form, she’s picked up another type of nostalgia, that of middle-aged white men on their third marriage who hate the Family Court and child support laws. In this case, the nostalgia is for a pre-feminism, pre-no fault divorce Australia where women knew their place and a proper bloke kept the missus and kids in line. Hanson is unenthusiastic about same sex marriage but, to her credit, lacks Cory Bernardi’s sex hang-up. And unlike the Twitter eggs who make up her party base, she has also now taken on the most lunatic economic policies of the left, embracing protectionism and economic nationalism -- although not the left’s aversion to corporate tax cuts.