It is the story in every paper and on every channel. Trump and Turnbull (or Trumble, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer) is everywhere. But how it's being reported shows battle lines are being drawn.

The Herald Sun didn't mince words on the front page: “Trump’s message to Turnbull … You’re fried”. That pretty much sets the tone for what is inside. Columnists Andrew Bolt and Rita Panahi both get a run, with Bolt on page 5 declaring that the Turnbull had been “dumb” to try to resettle refugees in the US and that he should now know not to mess with Trump. The editorial and Panahi and Tom Elliot's columns ran with the line that Turnbull had made a mistake with the deal with Obama, and Trump had outsmarted him. Similar material appeared in The Daily Telegraph, where the tone was that Turnbull got what he deserved for making a deal with Barack Obama over the refugees on Manus and Nauru.