On Scott Morrison’s failures

Meredith Williams writes: Re. All the ways Scott Morrison has failed Australia in his first 500 days (Wednesday)

It’s amazing how much nothing can get you for! 

On Turnbull’s Trump silence

Dean Ellis writes: Re. Trump is a threat to civilisation but apparently that’s none of Turnbull’s business (Wednesday)

It was good to read Mr Bradley’s piece in Crikey because it was an antidote to the strangely bloodless writings in Crikey as to the unfolding Trump phenomena in the US.

Comrade Rundle in his writing so far appears to be saying: “save your ammunition, the best is yet to come”. Whereas Ms Razer seems to suggest that protest is a waste of figgin time, there’s noting to see here so you may as well go home.

Nonetheless, in the Trump/Republican v Nazi analysis the dramatis personae are emerging: Trump is of course Hitler, Bannon is Bormann (or possibly Goebbels), a Speer is yet to materialise and we have an Eva Braun. It’s anybody’s guess who’ll play the part of Stauffenberg.


Crikey writes: Re. “Turnbull donation kept secret for another year“. This article originally incorrectly stated the dividends from shares to Cormack Fountation were donations.

Peter Fray

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