On Tony Abbott’s destabilisation efforts

Joe Boswell writes: It is wishful thinking to say, “Abbott continues to lose his battle with facts.” He and like-minded individuals , whether in Australia or overseas, are consistently winning those battles, handling facts much as King Herod allegedly dealt with the innocents, and for much the same reasons.”

On Trump’s visa ban

John Richardson writes: If, under the “leadership” of Donald Trump, the United States wants to adopt the behaviour of a fascist, racist state, why wouldn’t the world treat it accordingly (“Rundle: liberal howls of outrage over Muslim ban play into Trump’s tiny hands“, yesterday)?

Rather than fretting about the irrational ban imposed by Trump on visitors to America from seven countries, maybe the governments of the other 195 countries around the world should simply ban their citizens from visiting the US and see who blinks first.

On the date of Australia Day

Richard Barlow writes:


Most of the commentary on Australia  Day suggests alternative dates based on past events.  Why not do something now which might be unifying and give us the cause for a new Australia Day?  I propose that we finally have the referendum to change the preamble and the other racially tainted clauses to the Constitution,. The referendum should be on the last Saturday of a month which can be the day of celebration , with a legislated Monday public holiday. A very Australian solution.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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