Let’s make our own Australia Day

David Havyatt writes: Re. “Fuck off, we’re full (of contradictions): the discontents of Australia Day” (Wednesday). Bernard Keane is right that January 26 does express the reality that Australia is still simply an imperialist conception. This was made clearest when Tony Abbott was able to recreate knights and dames because our Honours System is created through Letters Patent from Her Majesty. That is there is still a legislative form that applies to Australia. The federation (January 1, 1901), the Statute of Westiminster (1942 with effect from September 3, 1939), creation of Australian citizenship (January 26, 1949) and the Australia Act (3 March 1984) do not overcome this simple status.

The suggestion of May 8 as a day of celebration is sheer genius. But we need something to actually celebrate on that date. My proposition is that we retain January 26 while we still remain a Federation of British Colonies subject to the whim of a foreign monarch. When we change that status by becoming a republic with a constitution that isn’t simply an act of the UK Parliament but something that is “enacted” by the Australian people we should change Australia Day to whatever day we make that effective — and choosing May 8 would be a great expression of the values that we aspire to — good humour and a recognition of community.

Just ignore the Murdoch press

Paul Montgomery writes: Re. “How the Herald Sun declared war on Melbourne’s homeless” (Wednesday). I mean no direct criticism of John Martinkus and his piece, but it is, once again, indicative of the Crikey mindset — and that is you revel in criticising and laughing at News Corp.

Frankly its regularity is bordering on puerile.

I’m sure many Crikey readers are like me, we totally ignore and go out of our way to avoid any News Corp-affiliated entity, be it newspapers, TV or magazines. I doubt you’d be surprised to know, we get along just fine without Rupert and his ghouls telling us what to think and get infuriated about.

The News bunch knows deep down that their glory days have gone and they now kid themselves about their perceived influence — just look at the recent NSW, Queensland and federal elections. They no doubt love your regular snide remarks and it gives them false hope that all is well. Please Crikey,  just ignore them.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey