Jan 25, 2017

Homophobic bakers A-OK but taxi drivers can lump it, says bishop

While bakers are off the hook for same-sex weddings, taxi drivers won't have a choice but to take gay couples to their weddings.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Cake bakers and photographers should be exempt from having to do work on same-sex marriages, but taxi drivers should have to take same-sex couples to weddings, a parliamentary committee has heard.

The houses of Parliament are quiet for another week and a half, but committee work is well underway, with the Senate select committee examining the government's proposed changes to marriage law holding three hearings this week. Liberal senators David Fawcett, Dean Smith and James Paterson, along with Labor senators Louise Pratt and Kimberley Kitching, have been in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra taking evidence 

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7 thoughts on “Homophobic bakers A-OK but taxi drivers can lump it, says bishop

  1. Michael

    I think the reality is, you don’t need to worry about business exemptions: wedding suppliers (such as cake makers and photographers) who refuse to work for same-sex marriages, will go broke. Most people of marrying age (under 50) support same-sex marriages, and ‘straight’ couples would likely boycott cake makers and photographers who were known to refuse work for same-sex couples.

    1. Zeke

      In small towns there is often no choice but to choose the only photographer/baker in town.
      If this goes ahead we should all be allowed to put “no Christians” in the window of our businesses.

      1. AR

        You have the freedom to do that now, according to Blot et al.

  2. Denny Tepre

    All these people that are worried that same-sex relationships are contagious, physically and morally, are they having an identity crisis?

  3. AR

    This is one prohibition of homosexuality in Leviticus but at least eighteen prohibiting the eating of shellfish.
    Ham & Prawn Salad for the wedding should solve the problem.

  4. Mack

    Why does nobody point out to these numpties that, as far as I am aware, a business owner is under no compulsion to say why they won’t serve anybody. Sometimes the doorbitch might mumble something about your wrong shoes, or the white supremacist shopkeeper might suddenly be out of stock for certain customers. This issue is usually absorbed into both sides of the interaction to avoid confrontation. (rightly or wrongly)

    This is a confected issue.

    1. Don Willoughby

      Exactly right Mack. A confected issue. Why would anyone want to force unwilling baker to make a potentially awful and ridiculously overpriced cake or a photographer that suggests they don’t want your business that can clearly register their noncooperation with technically poor images for you to treasure. These are private businesses not public utilities. Stop giving the ACL oxygen.

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