Jan 25, 2017

How the Herald Sun declared war on Melbourne’s homeless

The Herald Sun sounded the drums of war against people sleeping rough at Flinders Street Station. Then crosstown rival The Age joined the fray, writes freelance journalist John Martinkus.

It ramped up in that slow news time between Christmas and New Year. Melbourne sweltered through a series of hot days. The cricket was on, the tennis about to start. But for the journalists of the Herald Sun there was one story so pressing it had to be written again and again: homeless people were taking over Melbourne and ruining the festive season for everyone. The News Corp team crossed the river from Southbank and got to work.

There was a certain narrative as to how the story developed. First the paper reported that the homelessness crisis was out of hand, a blight on the city and that the Melbourne City Council had failed and was weak on the issue.

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14 thoughts on “How the Herald Sun declared war on Melbourne’s homeless

  1. paddy

    I’ve just had a vision of Rita Panahi and Robert Doyle, going on an “all expenses NOT paid” tour of Delhi slums, to investigate how to deal with homelessness.
    *Sigh. A person can dream.

  2. Saugoof

    Yes, the only reason people are homeless are to inconvenience me…

    The way the Herald Sun is going after the people in our society that are the worst off really makes me question their values.

  3. Denny Tepre

    Luke 18:11
    The Pharisee, standing by himself, prayed thus: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other men…

  4. MAC TEZ

    How nice and ever so charitably Christian of the Salvos to be laying the boot in. They were the foot soldiers in the Rodent’s war on drugs and we saw how well that went. Long term and strident defenders of pedophiles within the ranks as well.
    I wouldn’t piss on their collection boxes if they were on fire.

    1. Saugoof

      Don’t forget their recent comments on the Safe Schools program too. The Salvos have become the charity organisation that is really impossible to support now. Pity too because they used to do some good work.

      1. Charlie Chaplin

        And then there’s their job seeker services. Been a long while since the Salvo’s were charitable: they’re just another non-profit corporation, now.

  5. AR

    Perhaps the Thatcher solution for rough sleepers in 80s London – gifting (!) them specially designed cardboard boxes for nighty-night.
    Sydney tried handing out pup tents at Belmore Park (by Central) a couple of years ago but succumbed to rants from the usual suspects at Hate Central, 2GB,last year and sent in the heavies.
    Now the squeaky clean (?), new – only slightly shop soiled – NSW Premier sez her mission will be to make housing more affordable. Yay team!

  6. bushby jane

    I understand that a lot of homeless people have mental health issues that used to be addressed by various institutions that offered housing, be it good, bad or indifferent. These institutions seem to no longer exist, I think through changes in govt policies and funding.
    You would have thought that the salvos would be there to help them, which is not always an easy task.

  7. klewso

    Some people are homeless : others are just plain amoral, devoid of the capacity for empathy, humanity and charity.

  8. [email protected]

    I am over clicking on links that direct me to Herald/Sun subscription pages .. is this some form of advertising for them ?

  9. dennis

    The Herald Sun, Murdoch, cant people aim at the herald sun boss, there doing this to keep their jobs, well some may, the herald sun is going after poor people, no, “Murdoch” is going after, any thing that is not fascist, how simple is that.

  10. ZA

    Any connection between these publications and real estate advertising revenue? Do the presence homeless people effect property prices?

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