They might be a party on the rise, but it’s a slur to suggest some people are considering running for them. In the Townsville Bulletin‘s version of Tips and Rumours on the weekend, the paper alleged that a local school teacher Margaret Moon, an administrator of a Facebook group, Water for Townsville Action Group, was considering running for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation for the upcoming Queensland state election. This led to Moon posting in the Facebook group on the weekend that it was a “scurrilous piece of gutter journalism” and false and slanderous, stating the paper never contacted her to confirm. The editor of the paper and the journalist who wrote the piece both jumped into the comments and apologised, with journalist Kieran Rooney stating in the comments that he had heard the rumours from three sources, and the piece was written to state the rumour was circulating around. In today’s Bulletin, the paper has apologised.