The Herald Sun‘s campaign against the homeless people of Melbourne has been running for months, ramping up in the last few weeks as authorities have acted to try to move on people sleeping rough in camps outside Flinders Street Station. In the space of three days, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has moved from saying he wouldn’t ship out homeless people, to proposing a ban on sleeping rough in the Melbourne CBD. Today, Herald Sun reporter Cassie Zervos tweeted a photo from outside the train station: “Heavy rain didn’t wash away the homeless camp at Flinders St … or their bongs”, the “general news reporter” wrote.

That’s the same Cassie Zervos who wrote for the Bayside Leader in 2015 that people shouldn’t judge her for living in the affluent suburb of Brighton:

“What my fellow students, teachers and society didn’t sum up in the five seconds of the first impression was how my family got to be where they are. How we came to live in Brighton.”

Zervos finished with:

“It hurts when people want to stereotype us and jump to conclusions, ridiculing us for striving to be successful.

“I’m not saying everyone who lives in Brighton is like my family, but Bayside is made up of 100,000 different people, each with their own histories and dreams for the future.

“Society should not be so quick to judge.”

But does it work both ways?

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