It’s the principle of the thing

Robert Johnson writes: Re. “On Razer’s edge” (Friday). About Trump’s (need I say “alleged”?) sexual behaviour: the attempted impeachment of Bill Clinton was not about his sexual behaviour either, but about him formally lying about it (perjury and obstruction of justice). Trump is surely on safer ground in impeachment action if it’s about his honesty. And we are almost certainly on track to see the Republicans’ penchant for moral hypocrisy reach new heights/depths.

Voting and misinformation

Heather D’Cruz writes: Re. “Why did voters who will suffer most under Trump give him their vote?” (Friday). Ian McAuley canvasses a range of possible explanations. Apart from wishing to see drastic change, punish particular parties or as a reaction to economic loss and inequality, it might also be due to misinformation or misunderstanding of policies. For example, I read a post on Facebook of an exchange of comments about the immediate repeal by Republicans of Obamacare. A man (Trump voter) was rejoicing about this. Someone asked if it wasn’t going to affect his health insurance coverage. The man replied that he was glad that the awful Obamacare was being repealed but he would be fine as he was covered by the Affordable Care Act. He did not realise that they are the same policy/programme. It might just be one example; but it might also indicate a more widespread problem of misinformation that influences how people vote.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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