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Jan 11, 2017

For East Timor, maritime boundary is not about oil. It’s about pride.

Freelance journalist John Martinkus was in East Timor during its bloody struggle for independence. And he says East Timor will get its own back and negotiate a fair maritime boundary with Australia.

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3 thoughts on “For East Timor, maritime boundary is not about oil. It’s about pride.

  1. Roger Clifton

    Readers should check out where the Australian Continental Shelf ends before conceding sentimentally to a lawyer’s grab called “the median line”.

  2. James O'Neill

    Thank you for that brief history, and you didn’t even mention the disgraceful spying engaged in by Australia, nor Downer’s links to both the spying approval and Woodside Petroleum who got the contract.
    For the benefit of Mr Clifton, there is not a great deal of sentimentality in international maritime law. Where two countries share a waterway, the boundary for exploitation of resources purposes is the median line. See UNCLOS which Australia signed up to, but like a lot of international Conventions, blithely ignores when inconvenient.

  3. old greybearded one

    Not to forget how many thousands of East Timorese died helping our soldiers against the Japanese. Of all out neighbours, they and PNG have a special call on us over those times.