How to fix entitlements rorts

Crikey readers discuss yesterday's edition.

On clean coal

Global Lead Advocacy and Communications at Global CCS Institute Antonios Papaspiropoulos writes: Re. “The Australian’s clean coal magic trick” (yesterday). Claims made by John Quiggin which attempt to disregard carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a global warming mitigation technology contain a number of egregious errors. For the record, the facts are these:

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3 thoughts on “How to fix entitlements rorts

  1. Wayne Robinson

    Global CO2 emissions are at least 30 billion tonnes a year. It would require 10,000 three million tonne a year Gorgon CCS sized projects to cover the emissions, not including the extra emissions incurred as a result of the considerable amount of energy needed to power the CCS process.

    Are there any plans, or even the possibility, of having at least 1,000 and covering not even 10% of emissions?

  2. Roger Clifton

    Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) cannot possibly hide away such a vast quantity of waste as we emit. Instead the concept provides the PR illusion of net zero emissions, excuses for lying politicians, and a sink for guilt money on a scale that we do not want removed from our taxes.

    John Quiggin is not so emphatically “wrong” on all points as the CCS spokesman is shouting above. No doubt his rage is calling the faithful to rise up against the heretic, but he himself is wrong repeatedly. In particular, a planned scheme to capture and bury a measly 3 Mt/a is not a triumphant reduction, but an insult to the intelligence of anyone who thinks to compare it to the 40,000 Mt/a currently being emitted. That scheme (Gorgon) has the rare virtue of being injected under dry land, where our environmental scientists will be able to measure the rate at which the CO2 escapes back into the atmosphere.

  3. Juffy

    @Greg Poporat – genius. Put auditing of travel deductions in the hands of a department whose budget is determined by the people being audited.

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