Jan 9, 2017

Let them eat Centrelink debt notices

Could there be a more stark sign that the government is out of touch than that Centrelink is sending debt collectors after the most vulnerable while the Health Minister bought an investment property on a whim while on a taxpayer-funded trip?

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Centrelink office

There couldn’t have been a more stark set of political controversies over the summer break than Centrelink’s failed algorithm chasing money from the most vulnerable and Health Minister Sussan Ley buying an apartment on a whim while visiting the Gold Coast for an announcement.


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32 thoughts on “Let them eat Centrelink debt notices

  1. Northy

    Brilliantly written, Josh.

  2. thelorikeet

    “how could it happen in the first place” – spot on question.
    Averages are in the year 7 curriculum, and while the pitfalls of applying averages across different variables are a bit more sophisticated, no undergraduate who proposed this algorithm would get a passing grade (even with the help of “Taskforce Integrity” – do George Orwell and Aldous Huxley both work for Centrelink?)

    The rush to put government on the internet has surely done as much damage to Malcolm Turnbull as his lurch to the very-not-internet world of Abbott, Abetz and Andrews

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    The centrelink saga is a next generation eff up, combining incompetence with poor design, bad thinking, political tone-deafness, and class warfare.

    Sussan Ley’s is just another example of an entitlements system so broad that anything can pass muster. Fixing that shouldn’t be too hard, but neither side really wants that. BTW, who pays $3000 for internal flights to the Gold Coast? Is she the member for Heard Island?

  4. Saugoof

    That whole Centrelink saga really highlights two points about this current government for me. First is that they just assume that everyone receiving Welfare (of the Centrelink kind, not middle age welfare like negative gearing) is an undeserving bludger. The second is that they really have no idea about how to fix their budget, so all they can come up with idiotic short-term patches like this.

    It really takes an extraordinarily incompetent government to be attacked on ACA for beating up on the unemployed.

  5. klewso

    “Porter’s Porkies”? Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time this Turbott government has lied to us.
    While Centerclunk tell their “customers” to keep slips for 6 months – then they demand copies years old….. WTF?

    1. Peter Hamish

      ” While Centerclunk tell their “customers” to keep slips for 6 months – then they demand copies years old….. WTF?”
      Yep. What this gets down to is Common law verses Civil Law ( Roman law ). Civil/Roman Law is contract or written agreement based. Common law is more culturally based and you are innocent until proven guilty regardless of the contract. So, if Centrelink tell you to keep your slips for 6 months but then demand pay-slips from years back, then under Civil/Roman law if you can’t produce the evidence ( pay-slips ) you lose.
      Lost of law but no justice.

  6. klewso

    As for Ley?
    I thought one of the highlights of the ‘silly season’ was that hillbilly – and Gnats Leader – Cousin Jethro, defending her?
    With his record?
    * Writing off a 90G Toyota Landcruiser CommCar – driving into a flooded causeway on his way to his NSW property – while a Queensland Senator?
    * Leaving us with the bill for he and his wife to fly back from an Indian wedding and contract signing of Gina’s (after attending as trophy scalps on her ‘politician’s wampam belt’, along with Bishop and Gambaro);
    * Stiffing us with the bill for various attendances at weddings and such – after writing them off as “political business”; and
    * Spending 25 million of our $tax to move the APVMA to his New England turf?

    1. klewso

      Almost forgot – then there was his meddling in the family squabbles of the Rinehart-Hancock’s under official letterhead?

  7. zut alors

    Whaaaaat? Are you actually suggesting that Abbott might aspire to the role of Health Minister? This is the MP who was forced to pay back $9,400 in travel expenses in 2013 – travel undertaken to promote his ‘Battlelines’ opus.

    Not to mention further questions raised about his dubious travel expenses for sporting events. The Liberals continue to boast what great money managers they are but they appear more cavalier than clever.

  8. AR

    Re the Waiting-in-Wing Ears, Clown Prince Pretender, could even the trogs. & DelCons truly be so unhinged?
    To be fair though, those $50B tax cuts for corporations have to be funded somehow and everyone knows the dole is too much.

  9. Rob Pilgrim

    So the Lying Nasty Party have simply replaced the amateur rorter who has been caught out with the Teflon coated professional. Why? To show her how to do it better?

  10. AR

    I was so stunned by the thought of MrU468 returning that I had little left over to consider that See No Donors is considered to be a safe pair of hands.
    Could somebody find Alice and ask her what is going on?

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