Pauline Hanson didn’t seem to be having a merry Christmas yesterday, posting this photo of herself with a personalised jar of Vegemite — instead of saying her name, it read “halaal”.


Hanson used the hashtag “itsfunnybecauseitstrue”, but she wasn’t the only one to receive the yeasty breakfast spread. Labor’s Sam Dastyari also received a jar, with a note saying it was in order to be non partisan:


Crikey has tracked down the sender of the Vegemite, a Labor activist called David Stone. Stone told us he was trying to show that halal foods weren’t scary and couldn’t hurt people. He said he used the spelling “halaal” instead of “halal” as that wasn’t allowed by the Kmart website. “It doesn’t have some religious or cosmic power to make people Muslim,” Stone said. He also said he would be happy to share some Vegemite toast with both Dastyari and Hanson to talk about halal foods. Hanson already rejected Dastyari’s offer of sharing a halal snack pack, so we don’t know how this will go.