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The news business relies on a certain shorthand. Folks often in the news tend to develop nicknames, signalling their role or importance. Sometimes this is just an interesting way of describing them — better than an official title anyway. Sometimes they signify prominence, in a snappy way. Sometimes it’s legal code. A “colourful racing identity” can mean, well, a fishy character, but you are less likely to sue for being called “colourful”. If you read Australian news closely, the owners of these epithets will just roll off your tongue. So try to figure out who these famous Australian identities are. The answers, once you’re done, are here.

  1. Corrupt former NSW minister
  2. Embattled Senator
  3. Controversial One Nation Senator
  4. Prominent transgender advocate
  5. Spin king
  6. Hardline Marxist academic
  7. Iron ore heiress
  8. Construction union heavyweight
  9. Press gallery doyenne
  10. Casino mogul
  11. SAS hero
  12. Human headline
  13. Multimillionaire gambler
  14. Red-bandana-wearer
  15. Flamboyant medical entrepreneur
  16. Billionaire rag trader
  17. Golden tonsils
  18. Self-confessed union bagman
  19. Disgraced sports scientist
  20. High-profile bookmaker
  21. Preference whisperer
  22. The Parrot
  23. Fast food king
  24. PR queen
  25. Larrikin adman
  26. Octogenarian media mogul
  27. Nine’s highest-paid talent
  28. Controversial medico
  29. Celebrity spin doctor
  30. Controversial gambling figure
  31. Outspoken Nationals backbencher
  32. Self-proclaimed billionaire
  33. Melbourne gangland identity
  34. Disgraced detective
  35. Prominent publisher
  36. Libertarian Senator
  37. Flamboyant former deputy mayor
  38. First lady of racing
  39. NSW Liberal powerbroker
  40. Disgraced entertainer

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