What a terrible, awful, no-good year 2016 was (even the Christmas kittens look sad). We lost some wonderful people, and evil really did triumph in many places. But it’s time to put down the newspaper, back away from Radio National and enjoy a bit of a rest at the end of the year.

This will be Crikey‘s final issue for 2016 as we head into a short summer break (seriously, most media players are off for weeks and weeks, the slackers). But never fear — we will be back in your inbox January 9. And we’ll send you a couple of “Yearenders” with some of our best content to tide you over.

If you have not found a New Year’s resolution yet, here is one: buy the paper. Journalism is in crisis the world over, with falling advertising and an increasing difficulty to publish good content that cuts through the bullshit. So support outlets you respect and admire (or even those you despise — The Australian employs some very good journalists, and they could certainly use the money). take out a subscription to a newspaper, website, magazine or journal and do your bit for the embattled fourth estate.

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We wish you a relaxing and happy time with your family over the next few weeks (even if you need our Christmas lunch survival guide) and look forward to being back in your inboxes in 2017.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. See you on the flipside.

— Crikey editor Cassidy Knowlton