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Dec 22, 2016

Palestinian lobby joins the junket game

Journalists including our own Bernard Keane have taken part in the first Australian media junket organised by the Palestinian lobby.

An illegally built Palestinian house that was demolished. Photo: Bernard Keane

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5 thoughts on “Palestinian lobby joins the junket game

  1. Gavin Moodie

    Why did no one from the ABC or SBS go on the tour?

    1. AR

      That was a rhetorical question, right? Just checking.

  2. AR

    Let’s not forget that the amerikan evangelical crazies are one of the most vociferous supporters of Israel but not for reasons which would cheer up anyone with a shred of decency – they’re looking forward to Armageddon (the flat lands & plain of Geddon) and the Drumpfster may be just the lad to bring it about.
    Meanwhile, I can’t say that I have seen any result of this eye opening tour in our slavishly proZionist media.

  3. 3 Policy options

    Just as an angle on this, there are lots of foreign government sponsored trips for all sorts of people. It would be good to do a story on how many senior Commonwealth Public Servants have been on trips payed for by the US Government for instance.

  4. JJ

    Good to see. The more information we get from both sides the more accurate and balanced our perception.