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Dec 21, 2016

Peppa, the female chauvinist-baiting pig

The thing is, parents of small children are perhaps less interested in fighting cultural wars than the media.

Mel Campbell — Freelance journalist and critic

Mel Campbell

Freelance journalist and critic

Peppa Pig

Why is Peppa Pig such a political football? This little piggy “pushes a weird feminist line”, wrote Piers Akerman in 2013. This little piggy was nearly shaved ham in 2014’s ABC budget cuts. (“Contrary to media rumours, Peppa’s is one snout we are happy to have in the ABC trough,” tweeted Malcolm Turnbull in response.)


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6 thoughts on “Peppa, the female chauvinist-baiting pig

  1. Keith1

    Peppa Pig is awesome. The grandchild (2 years 8 months) quotes whole slabs and has very pleasing pronunciation and ultra clear enunciation as a result. The characters are enthusiastic about outdoor activities and this rubs off as well.
    Sensitive, attuned, tolerant behaviour is much in evidence, but some scepticism is afforded to those adults who pompously assert their authority. Can’t imagine why the right object, can you?

  2. Bill

    I think this country is descending into a realm of utter stupidity that defies any logic. Keith1 is spot on. Just watched an episode about sowing seeds and using a scarecrow to keep birds away. Charming, meaningful and well worth watching.

  3. Itsarort

    ABC Kids – no ads, no screechy purveyors of junk food and useless toys, no grooming of impressionable minds… It is no wonder the commercials and their unctuous and sycophant like “experts” have Peppa Pig in their sights.

  4. bushby jane

    Lola in Charlie and Lola is more likely to make toddlers naughty.

  5. Shaun

    There IS the small matter of Daddy Pig being mercilessly fat-shamed…

    1. John Hall

      Wonderful family orientated entertainment . My daughter used to love it. PP is mildly naughty if kids think about her initials.

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