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Dec 20, 2016

Loewenstein could lose Israeli press accreditation

Antony Lowenstein could lose his Israeli press credentials after asking a loaded question about settlements.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Australian journalist Antony Loewenstein could be kicked out of Israel after asking a critical question of an Israeli politician at a press conference.

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7 thoughts on “Loewenstein could lose Israeli press accreditation

  1. Draco Houston

    Well, I guess he got the answer to his question.

  2. klewso

    The Israelis seem as sensitive to critiquing as our own Limited News Party and their caravan?

  3. MikeR

    I think Anthony should find refuge in all those other Middle East bastions of democracies where freedom of the press is unquestionable (say Turkey, Syria, Iraq,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ….).

    1. AR

      …see, the fing with “whataboutism” is that it is really only effective in kindie – in the real world one is expected to deal with… what’s the word… reality.

      1. MikeR

        AR .This could be just a ‘sliding door moment’ which might open up more opportunities for  Anthony. An occasional change in locale can give you a  fresh perspective.  Reporting from Gaza could also be an option.

  4. AR

    Does being anti-Semetic mean never having to feel nauseated?
    AL had better watch out those ‘targetted assassinations’ which apparently are far worse than untargetted ones like, oh I dunno, that rusky bloke in in Turkey tuther day.
    (Myriam, 3rd article today – is someone at least sliding food under the locked door occasionally?)

  5. Paddlefoot

    So there’s the link between Russia, Turkey , Iran and Israel. Free speech ‘discouraged’.