Malcolm Turnbull
Voters believe that 2016 was a bad year for politics, and 2017 will probably pretty awful, too, according to the latest Essential Report. There was a double dissolution election, a new cast of characters in the Senate, the return of One Nation, and the government with a one-seat majority in the House of Representatives in 2016, and according to Essential, 62% of voters believe it was a bad year for Australian politics, compared to just 9% of people thinking it was a good year, and 24% sitting on "ehh".


Whether it is the climate, the US elections, the war in Syria or other global matters, 44% of voters also said it was a bad year for the planet, compared to just 12% who thought it was a good year. Interestingly, in almost equal amounts, people thought it was a bad year for the Australian economy (36%) and the average Australian (37%) but reported it was good for themselves and their family overall at 36%, and their workplace at 37%. Similarly voters are more optimistic about 2017 being good for themselves and their workplaces at 39% each, but half of voters (50%) say 2017 will be another shocker for Australian politics, and 41% say it'll be overall bad for the planet. As the government deals with a $10 billion downgrade in the budget position, 36% of voters believe the state of the Australian economy is poor, compared to 23% who say it is good. People who have drifted away from the four biggest parties are more likely to see the economy as being poor at 59%, while Coalition voters are far more likely to see the economy as positive at 39%.