It’s awards season (ours are here), and the Australian Taxpayers Alliance is also getting in on the action with its Champions of Liberty Awards, which recognise the most influential centre-right think tank, centre-right blog and “the most solid advocate for sound public policy in the Federal Parliament backbench/crossbench”. No, we are not joking. (Also, “centre-right” is their term; we think they are probably full-blown “right”.) In the think tank category, you can take your pick of the HR Nicholls Society, the Centre for Independent Studies and the Institute of Public Affairs among others. Ms Tips wonders how all the other News Corp columnists are feeling, as the short list for “most influential centre right writer” only includes Miranda Devine, Rita Panahi, Janet Albrechtsen and Andrew Bolt. Chris Kenny must be so disappointed. In the federal Parliament category, voters can choose from One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts, George Christensen, Cory Bernardi, David Leyonhjelm, Craig Kelly, Tim Wilson or James Paterson. For some reason, those on the frontbench or in the opposition are not worthy of inclusion. Despite his helpful policy contributions, Tony Abbott didn’t make the cut. The Australian Taxpayers Alliance is run by Tim Andrews and purports to represent taxpayers who want lower government spending.

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Peter Fray

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