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Dec 14, 2016

Could a lawsuit brought by Sam Armytage spell the end of celebrity pap shots?

Sam Armytage's lawyer says speculation about her underwear breaches her reasonable expectation of privacy. If a judge agrees, it could forever change the business of paparazzi photography.

Lawyers acting for Sunrise host Sam Armytage, about whose underwear the Daily Mail has caused quite a stir, on Monday sent a legal letter to the Daily Mail Australia and one of its reporters demanding the publication apologise and remove a post about her of wearing “granny undies”. The letter gave a deadline of 5pm yesterday, after which “Armytage will take your response into account when considering the legal options next available to her”.



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4 thoughts on “Could a lawsuit brought by Sam Armytage spell the end of celebrity pap shots? 

  1. Petra Raptor

    I remember my granny’s undies and they were quite a lot bigger than that.
    Talk about a storm in a … cup

    1. AR

      … you weren’t about to write ‘D’ cup, where you?

    2. old greybearded one

      Quite so!

  2. old greybearded one

    Personally who gives a toss about this second rate collection of princesses. Like the Sunrise program never did anything shameful, never stepped on someone’s privacy? Grow up and stop whining, you are apparently famous for being famous. It comes with the gig.