How to punish whit-collar crims

Laurie Patton writes: Re: “Mayne: throw more white-collar crims in jail” (Friday). Imprisoning corporate crooks just costs us more money. One infamous recent board room convict walked out of prison wealthier than when he went in and totally unrepentant. Here’s a better punishment. Make them wear orange overalls with “convicted criminal” on the back whenever they leave their house (for a very long time). Imagine the embarrassment of attending the opera in that sort of garb! A much better deterrent IMO.

Junk bonds of climate change

Desmod Graham writes: Re. “Turnbull kills off the scary ’emissions scheme’ boogieman, treats voters like idiots (again)” (Friday) How can any financial instruments and a stock market in hot air make any substantial change to the quality of our planet? What is needed is the new technology supplanting the present pollutants. Why is Sydney rebuilding its retrograde high pollution cost tram system under the new pr guise of light rail? In a few years clean electric cars will be used for personal transport same as the mobile phones have supplanted public phones. So climate alteration can only be slowed by adopting newer technologies not financial instruments. The junk bonds of climate change..

Peter Fray

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