Dec 12, 2016

How do you stop polygamy? With overreaching surveillance, of course

Pauline Hanson thinks there needs to be a national identity card in order to stop Muslims from claiming Centrelink benefits for multiple wives.

Irfan Yusuf — Lawyer, author and commentator

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

Pauline Hanson

Once again those bloody Muzzlems are up to no good. Marrying more than one wife and then claiming multiple spousal benefits. I mean, can you believe it?


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4 thoughts on “How do you stop polygamy? With overreaching surveillance, of course

  1. Joe Fitzpatrick

    Hanson’s a clown. Islamic polygyny (call it what it is) is one of a number of the common features of the religion that should be criticised, challenged and reformed. Jokingly equating this fourteenth-century-style moral code with “fuckbuddies” is risible.

    1. AR

      And let’s hear it for polyandry as well.

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    I saw that headline and assumed the editors were going for the ‘Most appalling headline and story of the year’ award.

    Damned fine contender. Must be right up there.

  3. klewso

    Then we had the spectacle of a “discussion” on this subject on The Dum tonight. With such experts as Sloan, Barron, Henry and MacDonald vs Trad …… any Mormons, or bigamists, in the house?
    Funniest part was Barron introducing the topic as coming from Limited News (Sloan’s mob) – before asking Trad if he had any idea ‘why this topic had come up, now?’ (Apparently there’s about a whole 50 of these families in the country – pulling down reduced individual welfare?)
    Remember when Limited News “exposed” those “refugee resorts” a few years back?
    It struck me that (if it really comes to social adhesion) the panel could just have easily pondered on “Why Limited News has lit this us-and-them petard again?”
    I mean besides the fact that Sloan was there as an “expert panelist”, and the clout of Limited News, being allowed to set “news media” agendas?

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