On neoliberalism

Roy Ramage writes: Re. “Rundle: how do you solve a problem like neoliberalism?” (yesterday). Globally, neoliberal politicians in the pay of lobbyists for big capital have privatised:

  • State banks.
  • Publicly-owned airlines and airport infrastructure
  • State prison systems
  • Energy generation, distribution and retailing
  • Public transport systems
  • Public hospitals and health care facilities
  • Public employment services
  • Public telecommunications
  • Public water and sewerage utilities
  • Public postal services

among other central aspects of our society. The evidence suggests that none of these transfers to private ownership have resulted in improvements in the well-being of society.

Not all self-funded retirees on the Sunshine Coast

Jim Catt writes: Re. “Dear Angry White Men: HTFU, you are not the victims” (yesterday). While agreeing largely with Bernard Keane’s discussion of white male aspirations to victimhood, I must take umbrage at his opening. As a Sunshine Coast self-funded retiree who avoids The Australian with a passion I resent being stereotyped in this way. I demand a retraction! I guess this means I have legitimately achieved victimhood, something my peers apparently aspire to.

Barry Welch writes: The real problem is that so many of the old angry white men just have a case of Alf Garnett syndrome.

Peter Fray

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