You may have missed it, if you're not a Sunshine Coast self-funded retiree and thus The Australian's core readership, but that newspaper recently ran an article, presumably seriously, accusing the Human Rights Commission of "failing older white men". The content of the piece -- by Hedley Lamarr of MH370 fame -- or the dramatis wingnutae populating it isn't particularly important, so much as the sentiment behind it: the desperate longing by angry white men for the status of victims.

Victimhood is the one thing that white males have never been able to have, because the privilege that we have enjoyed for most of the last millennium, and which to a large degree we still enjoy -- the privilege means that economically, socially, culturally, being a white male gives you an advantage over everyone else, that means that society, even in 2016, is still structured to meet your desires -- has precluded us from it. We're at the top of the privilege hierarchy, but suddenly many of us are coveting the bottom, craving victimhood, anxious to possess the one thing that the less privileged have always had a more authentic claim to.