On the Walkleys

Denise Marcos writes: Re. “In the Walkleys sweltering heat, tempers run hot at Fairfax” (yesterday). Congratulations to Andrew Quilty for his indelible — and harrowing — photograph which scored the Gold Walkley Award. It is an outstanding example of a picture being worth a thousand words: barbarity, helplessness, futility. Another nine hundred and ninety seven words would still fail to convey the pathos captured by Quilty.
On Adani
Peter Matters writes: Re. “Adani handout a toxic mix of crony capitalism and protectionism” (yesterday). The offer — which the government cannot afford anyway — to Adani exposes the government’s utter corruption. They are doing Adani’s dirty work as repayment of Adani’s contribution presumably to the Liberal Party at the cost of irredeemable damage to Australia, when infinitely better, cleaner and more jobs are available in connection with clean energy production. The Senate MUST – I repeat, MUST – stop every lawful attempt of the Government’s law making attempts before this posse of nincompoops does any more harm and is forced to resign. Luckily, the banks are a lot harder to bribe than this government, and none of them will lend Adani or anybody else a Dollar on a dead in the water project like a coal mine – even if coal shares did rise momentarily.
On protesting
John Gleeson writes: Re. “A pox on neither house” (yesterday).  Sorry, John Kotsopoulos, perhaps you could tell us how the persecution of the refugees can be adequately addressed, seeing as Shorten and Co have abrogated their responsibilities.  If the protesters inconvenienced parliament, good on them. Do it every day until using refugees and xenophobia generally is seen for what it is, and stops. And Tanya Plibersek can take a hike.

Jock Webb writes:  I would suggest John Kotsopoulos, that if the  honourable (humbug) members behaved in a court of law as they do in question time they would also be in the clink. Deservedly so. In fact the demonstration I think reflects the fact that our leaders are far too easily hidden. They come into the parliament by their own back door, they do not campaign anywhere that they might get nasty questions and they sook and hide at the least excuse. Of course other politicians will condemn the protesters, fair enough. But let them look at themselves as well. I have yet to hear the condemnation for the Bob’s bitch protest with Abbott out front form any Liberal.

Peter Fray

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