Dec 5, 2016

Age editor-in-chief Mark Forbes resigns after second sexual harassment complaint

Mark Forbes is accused of grabbing a journalist's bum at a work function and calling another journalist "busty" at a second function.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

On the afternoon of Thursday November 17, Age editor-in-chief Mark Forbes sent an email to his newsroom.


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11 thoughts on “Age editor-in-chief Mark Forbes resigns after second sexual harassment complaint

  1. peter love

    Pretty mild, not sexual harassment at all IMO.

    1. mikeb

      I was thinking that initially but on reflection he was a senior editor in a position of power so that sort of thing is unacceptable.

    2. Petra Raptor

      But what if he was a serial offender and legal cases were a prospect?

    3. Bob the builder

      Really Peter, love? I’ll come and grab your arse and see how mild you find it, if you like.

    4. Dog's Breakfast

      Well, definitely sexual harassment, but also definitely mild. Was reluctant to be the first to comment though.

      There is however the context of it being a senior position, in which case underlying power plays come into it and there is no tolerance for senior men in these positions. Also on the back of a series on sexual harassment in the service industries, it doesn’t look good.

      But yeah, mild as, and I can’t help thinking plays into the narrative of women as helpless beings requiring male protection, which I find just as ugly. Would be happier to have read the hand on the bum was followed by the sound of a slap on the face.

      1. rhwombat

        Yeah, right – because physical assault is ok if it salves your conscience? You have forfeited the ability to define seriousness.

      2. mikeb

        A slap on the face would be appropriate but what about employment ramifications? If the groper & gropee are equal in status and power then it’s pretty harmless but this isn’t the case here.

    5. rhwombat

      There’s your problem – you think you have a valid opinion.

  2. Graham R

    More media solipsism from Crikey. This would not have been a story on Crikey, let alone the lede, if it had not involved journalists.

  3. AR

    Did the Drumpfster not just bring Mourning in America by appealing to those sick of identity politics splintering societies whilst they are being royally ripped off and otherwise repressed?
    Suffering in silence breeds further abuse.

  4. Itsarort

    I’m tired of this shit. Hands up all those blokes who have said nothing about being grabbed on the arse or thigh by a female colleague? Hands up all the blokes who have had their keys pinched and dropped down the pants or top (by said female colleague) and told ‘your’e not going home unless you get them yourself’? Or had a female colleague waive their arse in front of your face and told to slap it (by said owner of the arse)?
    Admittedly, such fraternising from senior exec is pretty dodgy, butt…

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