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Dec 5, 2016

Neo-Nazis flood Melbourne uni with propaganda

The group calls itself "Antipodean Resistance".

A new brand of neo-Nazis is making its presence felt at the University of Melbourne, with a series of posters appearing across the Parkville campus this weekend using four racial epithets and the terms “stop the hordes” and “keep Australia white”. It features the swastika and references the group’s website. The group is the same one that was responsible for posters calling for gay people to be killed that were distributed at Swinburne University in Melbourne in October. The group, called Antipodean Resistance, has very little online history and claims to an Australian youth National Socialist organisation (that would be the original Nazis, no Godwin required). There’s no information as to who is behind the group or how many people are actually involved.


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One thought on “Neo-Nazis flood Melbourne uni with propaganda

  1. John Hall

    Bizarre – Australia was NEVER white. “Imagine” (look up John Lennon” the stupidity of racism. What a bunch of losers (look up Adolph Hitler). Can’t imagine why the group is trying to edumicate at an institution where people can think rationally.

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