Razer on the money

Paul Montgomery writes: Re. “This is how the world (and the ABC) ends …” (December 1). Spot on, Helen Razer. Good to see former middle ranking News Corp exec Michelle Guthrie getting on with the job she knew instinctively was required of her as ABC CEO; to finally curtail the constant niggle and growing threat that the ABC posed to some powerful media companies. Of course the ABC board and the conservative government will feign no direct involvement – it’s just management getting on with their job. But most thinking Australians know how it works.

One way or another Rupert must get what he wants and despite decades of trying he might finally be getting his way. The beautiful conjunction of an ineffectual and stacked board and an agenda packed and illiterate government may just allow wondrous things for Rupert and his cheerleaders. Razer is on the money when  she says: “The trust Australians have in the ABC is dwindling, making way for a media disaster.”  The mantle of the most trusted and respected media organisation will soon be no more. We all know who will cheer the loudest. There is no doubt that powerful vested interests want to see a future ABC that is of minimal relevance to most Australians.

The true shame is that the ABC managers required to implement cuts and the so called ‘Digital First’ changes on Radio National probably know it’s crazy but they daren’t say so. As to the proposed podcast future for Radio National; the ABC is undoubtedly innovative, but are they suggesting they are a world broadcast leader in this sphere? More innovative than say the British, the Canadian or the American broadcasters?  Where are their examples of shutting down successful terrestrial networks with pod replacements? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

A pox on neither house

John Kotsopoulos writes: Re. “Labor letdown” (Friday). Sorry John Richardson, but Tanya Plibersek was absolutely right to condemn the Parliament protest. This sort of unruly and inappropriate behaviour is simply counterproductive as it only serves to entrench existing government policy. If the demonstrators had tried their stunt in a court of law they would have ended up in jail. The operation of  Parliament should deserving of at least equal sanctity.

Frankly I am heartily sick of the ‘pox on both houses’ posturing of the far left. It has already given us Tony Abbott as a result of Greens’ overreach on climate change and asylum seeker policy and  Donald Trump as US President with the Greens chipping off crucial votes that could have kept him out

Viva revolucion

Les Heimann writes: Re. “The government triumphantly departs a fake battlefield” (Friday). This last week of viewing question time both in the Senate and the Reps, hoping for something intelligent and not getting it, I finally gave up all hope for our country  and us the people. We are the cannon fodder, the collateral damage splattered by the stupid, childish, hypocritical and vacuous spittle emanating from those whom we call politicians.

No more for me the vain hope of changing things for the better, no more the thought that Australia can be any sort of shining light demonstrating goodness and care. All this is bullshit. Paul Keating was right when he said “it’s all a show”. Unfortunately we are being damaged, soon irreparably, by the inept players in the show and we are on the brink of tipping right down the world toilet joining the sewerage outflow that is France, the EU, the USA and others.

Have you studied history, especially social and political history? The populace are threatened, they turn to the right and powerful, the disappointment grows, they turn to the left and then – revolution and/or war. These clowns we call Australian politicians need to be the first to be thrown off the cliff. The behaviour and cost of utter garbage thrown around in question time is like the outbreak of bubonic plague exemplifying these stupid men and women verbally cavorting at our expense.

Don’t look for the political class for leadership. Do look for leadership within your own self. You and I have to turf the lot of these out of power and work out a process that has principles and outcomes with a timetable. We call this a plan. A plan that allows us to look after ourselves and each other, that provides a happy meaningful life for us and our families with a future worth striving for. Don’t trust politicians for anything until they demonstrate something of worth. No wonder this country is heading for the scrap heap. Or do we need a bloody revolution first?