Labor letdown

John Richardson writes: Re. “Protesters hijack Parliament’s last days” (yesterday). If Wednesday’s demonstration in federal Parliament achieved nothing else, it was to underscore the callous disregard for human rights embraced by both sides of politics in Australia today. While many would argue that the response to the event from the majority of the occupants of cowards’ castle was entirely predictable, what did stand out was the shrill and hypocritical attempt by Labor’s Tanya Plibersek to condemn the demonstration as an attack on our democracy.

Quite apart from demonstrating just how little light there really is between Australia’s two major neo-con parties, the deputy leader of the opposition succeeded only in confirming just how completely Labor has abandoned its philosophical roots in its quest for power. Is it really any surprise that so many Australians have turned to the promises of minority parties in the vain & desperate hope that their voices might be heard?

A gory Christmas for all

Bruce Graham writes: Re. “Tips and rumours” (yesterday).  Hastie’s Christmas quote, taking in the rarely referenced beginning of the passage before the familiar middle, is presumably intended to inform knowledgeable recipients that he actually reads the bible himself. Not just cultural affirmation, but full bodied red blooded belief. Not so much a dog whistle as a banner. Every pollie has a constituency, and it was never a secret who his constituency is. Anyway, it is unsurprising that a retired soldier would be comfortable  referencing a victorious end to a war.