Seven won the metros and the regional markets on a night when viewers again didn’t care very much at all. news and current affairs dominated the viewing, as it did the night before. Seven News had another solid night winning Sydney, Brisbane (both narrowly), Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Melbourne narrowly.

First Contact’s second episode on SBS maintained its audience with a total of 656,000 viewers nationally (645,000 on Tuesday for the returning episode) on SBS’s main channel and NITV (where the audience jumped to 71,000 nationally from 44,000. That increase more than offset small falls in the metro and regional audiences). First Contact ends tonight.

The most watched shows in the metros were Seven News, 991,000; Seven News/Today Tonight with 963,000; Nine News, 875,000; Nine News 6.30, 854,000; Highway Patrol, 723,000. In the regions the five top programs were: Seven News, 544,000, Home and Away, 487,000; Highway Patrol, 468,000; Air Rescue, 467,000 and Seven News/Today Tonight with 459,000. Viewers in regional markets were more interested in non-news programs, but only on Seven.

Seven has gone for another angry UK chef in Marco Pierre White to play the monster that Gordon Ramsay plays in its version of Hell’s Kitchen. You know, lots of screaming, swearing, angry looks, tears, intemperate behaviour, ritual humiliations. It was OK a decade ago when Ramsay was the king of hot kitchens, these days it is all passe and nothing new.

“The apprentice chefs will face skill based challenges under the immense pressure of delivering a complete dinner service at the exclusive HELL’S KITCHEN restaurant. It promises to be a thrilling and fiery ride as these celebrities face the toughest challenge within the hottest and toughest kitchen in the world. Marco Pierre White said: “All chefs over time will stray slowly from the stove, very few stay close to the flame. HELL’S KITCHEN, without question, is the most natural environment for me to be myself.”

Seven goes to the cooking well for “inspiration” and insurance with My Kitchen Rules still riding high in the ratings, but it’s showing distinct signs of ageing and losing its appeal for some viewers. It’s not the first time Seven has gone outside of MKR – anyone remember Restaurant Revolution from 2015? Dud. And My Restaurant Rules from 2004 and 2005? Dud. Ramsay is currently laying the Angry Cook on a Fox version in summer in the US (Summer is a low rating period, so Fox reckoned it would not be a goer in the ratings battle proper). Put this one in the “running out of program ideas” class. But here’s a suggestion: film First Dates in Hells Kitchen. Could be great TV. — Click here to read Glenn Dyer’s full TV Ratings.