Pauline Hanson

More than half of Australians see themselves as middle class, but "other" voters more strongly identify with the working class than any other voting group, according to this week's Essential Report.

Thirty-one per cent of voters see themselves as working class and 51% say they are middle class, with just 3% claiming to be upper class. Identification with "middle class" tends to follow income -- 35% of voters earning under $1000 a week say they are middle class, compared to 68% earning over $2000 a week. Sixty per cent of Liberal voters saw themselves as middle class compared to 51% of Labor voters and 52% of Greens voters (allegedly the sneering "elites" of conservative mythmaking); 5% of Liberal and Greens voters admitted to being "upper class"; 34% of Labor voters see themselves as working class, but 40% of "other" voters do -- in fact that's the only voting group that is more likely to see itself as working class than middle class.