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New South Wales

Nov 23, 2016

Baird succeeds in forcing out Latham, neutering ICAC

Shonks and spivs can breathe a little easier in NSW, with ICAC losing its commissioner -- and its cojones.

Megan Latham

NSW anti-corruption commissioner Megan Latham resigned today, forced out by Premier Mike Baird’s newly passed legislation weakening the Independent Commission Against Corruption ’s powers.

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5 thoughts on “Baird succeeds in forcing out Latham, neutering ICAC

  1. Urban Wronski

    Shameful. Outrageous. A corrupt Liberal Party in bed with developers and a lickspittle to corporate vested interests puts itself above the law. God help Australia.

  2. klewso

    “… The coast is now cleared. Send in the developers.”

  3. mike westerman

    There goes our last shred of credibility in criticising the corrupt guvments of our northern neighbours…


    Does that mean that Senator Sinodinos gets off?

  5. MAC TEZ

    Every other day it seems that N.S.W. is going from Baird to worse.
    Cunneen (silent T) gets her wish.