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Nov 23, 2016

It was not long ago at all that James Packer, the largest shareholder in Australia’s largest gambling company, Crown Resorts, was one of the lead cheerleaders for China in corporate Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Crown board’s negligence landed employees in Chinese prison

  1. Nota Bene

    The staff were acceptable collateral damage.

  2. old greybearded one

    More like a mongrel boss who has only ever cared about himself, just like his old man and if my mum’s bestie was to be believed, his grandfather as well.

  3. AR

    I hope that his entire, loathsome empire crumbles. Free Barangaroo!

  4. Don Willoughby

    Michael. Shock an horror. No wonder business can’t be done with China. It appears that China alone expects the business cowboys to comply with the law of the land, unlike most other countries. More power to them. Could we deport Packer to China?