Over at Domain in Melbourne, where 16 staff were made redundant last month as the company cut costs, those who remain are being dragged through “get to know you” exercises today. We got our mitts on this email from managing editor of Domain Alice Stolz:

“With the recent combining of two super-slick divisions (Domain C&A with TWR editorial and marketing) we are now primed to take this part of the business to the next level, all that’s missing is a bit of glue to help make us work as one united team.
Tomorrow’s meeting will be a kick off for us all to get to know one another better. Speedy intros will be the order of play and the aim will be to (re)introduce ourselves to as many people as possible and glean some new insights in a short space of time.

Spend a couple of minutes thinking about these questions before we all meet:

Your role @ Domain?
What time did you get up this morning?
Go-to source for news?
Favourite website/print publication?
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
What are you most passionate about?
Favourite drink?
How would your best friend describe you (three words max)?
Guilty pleasure?
What makes you happy?

– Chats go for two mins – so be efficient (we’ll able to spot the journos in the room!)
– No conversation hoggers or hiders!
– I’ll call out ‘half-time’ at which point you reverse who’s asking who the questions.
– I’ll call out SWITCH every two mins and one of the rows of people will move along so you will continually speak with different people.
– Have fun!

Please ensure you have placed a tea/coffee order by 2pm today.”