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Nov 21, 2016

A rabbi, imam and pastor walk into a pro-gay marriage event …

No, it's not a joke.

When pastor Carolyn Francis from the Collins Street Baptist Church in Melbourne introduces herself as an evangelical Christian, she always follows it up with a “lengthy list of disclaimers”, starting with “but not that kind …”.

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2 thoughts on “A rabbi, imam and pastor walk into a pro-gay marriage event …

  1. AR

    Yes it is. Supposedly sentient adults suffering from religious delusions.

  2. Matt Williams

    “But it isn’t black and white, and religious groups are now speaking out in favour of marriage equality”

    Actually, it is black and white, it’s clear from core religious texts that homosexuality is sinful behavior and as a result Christianity and Islam have made it quite clear that you can’t be a good follower of God and gay at the same time.

    What we’re witnessing is religious folk trying to jump on the bandwagon of gay rights long after the groundwork has been laid by the gay community.
    They’re attempting to take credit for something they stood so steadfastly against and I’m calling it out.