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Nov 15, 2016

Essential: Bishop lurks behind flailing Turnbull

Voters have dramatically soured on Malcolm Turnbull as his party's leader and Julie Bishop is poised to benefit, Essential Report shows.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

Julie Bishop

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has surged to nearly level pegging with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as Australians’ preferred Liberal leader in a stunning Essential Report today.

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13 thoughts on “Essential: Bishop lurks behind flailing Turnbull

  1. Steve777

    Julie Bishop is a mediocrity who gleams dimly in the sea of clownish stupidity and incompetence that has marked the Abbott and Turnbull Governments.

  2. klewso

    Lady Penelope or Mr Burns? ….hmmmm.

  3. CML

    So let me get this straight…Bill Shorten is a bigger disaster than Talcum, but more people are going to vote Labor? 53% to 47%!
    Well…that makes perfect sense…NOT!!!

    1. Mission To Civilize

      What is so hard to understand? You have this completely rudderless ship floundering and meandering from one disaster to another with no fixed tack or purpose, dizzily attempting to exploit the winds of xenophobia once again in an effort to conceal the fact that have no quantifiable plan for getting out of the vortex of inaction and ineptitude they find themselves confined within. As reeking and unelectable as Shorten may be deemed, he’s the bloke in the little dinghy drifting effortlessly by ready to ferry away anybody who’s had enough of this tiresome excursion into so-called governance.

      1. Venise Alstergren

        After Whitlam, Keating, and Hawke Australian politics has degenerated so badly that some people are surprised at the poor opinion the electorate has of their mewling little displays of protest in Parliamentary Question time. Perhaps one of the reasons for this scenario has much to do with Federal politicians- failing to make sense when trying to work out why Australia lacks the balls to elect their own head of State. We don’t deserve to rule ourselves?!

        As for Malcolm Turnbull, made -up to look like a cut-out from a 1950s fashion mag. His carefully crafted hair-do, as seen on the ABC, would cut a better figure than the puffed up little toady who endlessly reiterates the “all the way with LBJ” mantra so popular in the 50s. Guess who was one of the first foreign heads of state to contact Donald Trump to congratulate him on his win. Grovel, grovel.

  4. graybul

    The truth of the matter our Nation has not produced in recent decades, on either side of politics, visionary leaders of the Whitlam/Keating ilk. Good governance requires of aspirants something more than self advancement, endowment or a repetitive dialogue of diminution. The clock is ticking!

    1. klewso

      Those with talent that have been spawned have been strangled or stymied in the Party nursery – lest they make the rest of the brood look even for what they are, incompetently inept.

      1. klewso

        “…. even more for what they are ….”

  5. Justin Harding

    Julie Bishop? Seriously? The hard right dominate both the Liberal party room, and that of the coalition ‘cos then you have to take into account the residents of Possum’s Paddock led by none other than that indefatigable climate-change-denying-silly-person, Farnborough Sludge, no less. Ju-Ju Prune-Juice, the Solarium Queen, will be as likely to succeed The Turngobble as a three-toed sloth on valium, although the current state of the Government makes even that potential choice worthy of a second glance. No Mr Keane, polls be damned! It will be Dutton Muttonhead, anointed by the New Triumvirate of Oberstleutnant Abetz, Creeping Jesus Andrews, and Bestial Bernardi who shall sally forth to slay the tapeworm that is the Turngobble – blind, spineless and full of shit – and whose first act as Prime Minister will be to appoint Tone the Toole Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. And The Orange Fascist with a dead skunk on his head will still be President-elect of the United States. What, me worry … ???

  6. AR

    How comforting for gumBoil Shlernt to know that, although is is ahead, barely, of AA & Tania, Someone Else is higher.
    The ever reliable Dont Know is almost twice his rating.

  7. Norm

    Can’t happen. Julie Bishop is, by the Liberal Party’s own definition, unfit to lead. A woman, unmarried, no children, can’t possibly understand the ordinary Australian. Ask Julia Gillard.

  8. 3 Policy options

    This must be a joke. Does anyone remember Julie Bishop as opposition Treasury spokesperson – the Coalition couldn’t get her out of there fast enough. Blind Freddy could look like a half-way decent Foreign Minister (Alexander Downer even did it!) but even after the Abbott Government said their first stop would be Jakarta not New York and Geneva – guess where Julie spends most of her time. Australia has gone backwards in Asia because Julie considers it “fly-over” territory.

  9. Lorraine Stansfield

    Julie Bishop is a show pony who floats around the world spouting the party line.