Seven won total people in metro and regional markets. Nine won the main channels in the metros, but Seven won them in the regions. Ten did well in the metros off the back of the Trump interview at 7.30pm and then Have You Been Paying Attention (1.168 million nationally) but in the regions, Ten was pushed back to fourth by the ABC in both total people and the main channels.

Two fascinating program performances last night and yesterday. Out of the blue Seven’s Sunrise with 389,000 viewers whacked the boasting Today on Nine by 94,000 viewers. And in Sydney last night the 6pm to 6.30 news battle saw Seven again beat Nine News. This time it was an unusually large margin: 339,000 to 244,000. Nine will no doubt bounce back, and had solid wins in Melbourne and Brisbane, but lost Adelaide and Perth as usual, and nationally. Seven is on the cusp of wresting supremacy in Sydney from Nine at 6pm (it already has grabbed it back nationally). On the face of it these were outlier results, but if repeated with any sort of frequency, will signal another change in viewer habits, again.

The X Factor managed a national top 10 figure of 1.125 million for Seven, thanks to stronger support from the regions (428,000) than the metros (697,000). With The Block off on holidays, it should have done better, but it did beat Trump on Ten and RBT on Nine and therefore won its timeslot.

So how did the ratings stack up for the 60 Minutes interview with Donald Trump? There was solid support from metro viewers, but indifference in regional markets (where his “sort” of people and One Nation supporters are supposed to be at their strongest). The interview had 1.041 million national viewers (not to be sneezed at) with 779,000 in the metros and just 262,000 in the regions. In fact regional viewers preferred the weak X Factor on Seven (428,000). Nine’s RBT had 1.093 million viewers with 744,000 in the metros and 349,000 in the regions.

The top 5 regional programs were: Seven News, 634,000, Seven News/Today Tonight, 522,000, Home and Away was third with 510,000, the The X Factor on 428,000 and The Chase Australia 5.30pm and ACA on 419,000.

Tonight: First Dates on Seven. A double episode. Don’t miss if you want a bit of harmless enjoyment after the gormless Donald Trump last night. Mr Mediocre and his team of carpetbaggers. — Click here to read Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings