Steve Price

In the past few days, a petition with more than 30,000 supporters has called on The Project to apologise to panellist Steve Price for the appalling way he was treated during an argument with Jamila Rizvi. While that apology from the show was not forthcoming, there is no doubt in this writer’s mind that Price, and the millions who love him, do indeed deserve an apology, and if The Project will not provide it, I am happy to.

Steve Price, I am sorry. I am sorry that Jamila Rizvi interrupted you. I am sorry that your masterly explanation of the mechanics of Trump’s victory was cut short by the chattering leftists with whom you are forced to share a desk. I am sorry that Carrie Bickmore warned you about your tone and — look, I’m just sorry about Carrie Bickmore in general.

But there are bigger issues here, and you deserve an apology for more than just a single humiliation on a light infotainment program.

I am sorry, Steve, that people don’t seem to listen to you the way they used to. I’m sorry that your insights and wisdom are so undervalued in the millennial marketplace. I’m sorry that you staked out your position in the world, stood firm, and then watched helplessly as the world coasted past you.

I get that the unfortunate incident on The Project was symptomatic of the problems besetting the world today. I get that men of intelligence and good heart are everywhere put upon and harangued by uppity women, and for that I am deeply and sincerely sorry. I am sorry that we as a society, and specifically me as an individual, have failed to be vigilant enough against the professional loudmouthed feminist class and their insidious campaign to take control of the panel-discussion narrative. I am sorry, in essence, that women are the way they are, you know?

I am sorry for all the leftist bullying, and yes, I take my share of responsibility for this, as I myself have been locked in the Twitter echo chamber for so long I can barely tell the difference between a “flog” and a “cuck”. I am sorry for my ignorance, and I am sorry that men like you, Steve, are being persecuted for their beliefs.

It is a matter of enormous regret to me that media elites are out of touch with real ordinary working-class salt-of-the-earth everyday real mums and dads in the street, and I cannot apologise enough for our failure to listen to those who are actually in touch with real people, such as right-wing radio hosts, right-wing television hosts, right-wing newspaper columnists, and Malcolm Turnbull. Not only am I sorry, but I pledge to work harder to absorb the concerns of real people in future by taping The Bolt Report and taping a photo of Miranda Devine to my fridge.

I am sorry that you’re so angry, Steve. I can’t tell you how sorry. Every time I turn on the TV and see your furious little face, screwed up in frenzied frustration, trying frantically to find meaning in the strange new world it’s found itself in … well, my heart just breaks. All the more for knowing that we did this to you: we of the left, we of the elite media, we of the sneering latte-sipping chardonnay socialist bleeding-heart do-gooder SJW set. With our petty provocations and constant interruptions, we have driven you to these tantrums from which you, and we, may never recover.

What I’m trying to say, Steve, is that I’m sorry for everything. For the interruptions by mouthy females. For the mockery on so-called “social media”. For the disrespect shown to one of your advanced years by smart-arse columnists who’ve never done a day’s honest work in their lives. For a world of confusing contradictions and terrifying diversity. For the refusal of the filthy masses to accept that a middle-aged white man’s understanding of the world is directly proportionate to the volume of his voice.

And I’m sorry — I can’t say how sorry — that after such a long and distinguished career, your fanbase is made up of the sort of people who would start a petition to demand an apology for a lady being mean to you on The Project. That must hurt more than anything. I’m so sorry, Steve.