Swan on Trump

Roy Ramage writes: Re. “Wayne Swan: we know how to stop Trump-ism” (Friday). What is it with ex-politicians trotting out their lopsided views of current dilemmas and saying how good it was when they were at the helm? Most Americans just wanted a regular wage and may even have settled for a similar wage to that of their fathers. But when their offspring earn less now than their parents did just 20 years ago, when education leaves students in $180,000 of debt and a broken thumb costs you $20,000 for a hospital fix, clearly folks ordinaire will be pissed off. Enter the Trumpeter!

Maslow states that shelter is a basic human need. Our politicians and other folks of unearned privilege, have placed owning a home out of reach of our young, because neither the pretend left and right can reform our systems. This has allowed the Hansons to enter! And here is yesterday’s treasurer, probably on an annual pension of at least $180K telling us he had it right. Jesus wept!

Kate Dennehy writes: Mr Swan, your electioneering statement above is exactly what voters don’t want to see! It seems like you have learned nothing from the Trump disaster.
Please remind me what your government did to ensure rich companies and individuals paid their fair share of tax instead of hiding behind arcane laws? Remind me how you introduced education reforms like Gonski when you had the chance so that rich private schools were no longer being subsidised by taxpayers?
The fact is, Australia is run by the powerful rich (including overseas companies) who do not want the status quo to change. That includes so many in the ALP.
It’s time (pardon the slogan) your party woke up because if you continue on this route, we’ll end up with Pauline Hanson as PM.