Kim Beazley, as shocked as anyone by the US election result, has said: “We do have one advantage going for us with a Trump presidency, and that’s this: we are a member of the only American alliance that the Trump people unreservedly approve of. So at least we’ve got a basis of a discussion with them.” Beazley seems to believe this is some kind of plus. But I think it is frightening. The favoured client of the Trump people! If that is true, what does it say about us, and the expectations of us in regional and international affairs as the Trump presidency gets into stride?

Bob Carr said to his fellow panellists on ABC News 24 on Wednesday that they must stop "normalising" Trump, the Trump phenomenon and the coming Trump presidency, stop saying well we’ve had this kind of thing before, like Reagan, for example. You can see this "normalising" already in the first responses of Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop. But, as Carr said, you have to understand that Trump’s win expresses a complete shift in the US political scene, and it’s not going to change after inauguration day.