Yesterday marked an important day in Parliament’s history, with a speech by Liberal MP Luke Howarth marking the first time rapper Tupac has been entered in Hansard. In relating an anecdote about a young job seeker in his electorate, Howarth also flipped the bird at the House, but we’re not sure if that is a first. The story goes thus:

“I ran a small business before I came into this place, employing 15 people or so. I had a guy come in awhile back. He turned up and said, ‘Have you got a job for me?’ and he was wearing a Tupac shirt — I do not know whether you know who Tupac is; he is a deceased rapper, and he was on the shirt and holding up his middle finger. I said, ‘There’s nothing going at the moment’, and he was about to walk out the door and I grabbed him, took him out the back and gave him a bit of advice that, if he is looking for work, then wearing a shirt with Tupac with his middle finger up is probably not a good way to turn up.”


One of Ms Tips’ colleagues has taken umbrage at the spelling of Tupac — she believes it should be “2Pac”.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey